Valentine’s Day 😘 Alcohol Gummy Bears

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Alcohol gummy bears in five flavors

  • Gin
  • Vodka 
  • Tequila
  • Rum
  • Whiskey
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15% Alc. 🔞


Gummy bears with alcohol

¿What is OSITO?

Somos la voz de una nueva generación con una forma diferente de ver el mundo. Nos apasiona descubrir nuevas formas de diversión

Nos encanta hacer colegas, compartir historias, abrazar la diversidad, ir de fiesta. A veces incluso nos hacemos virales. No tratéis de entendernos. Somos Ositos con alcohol. 🐻

ositos con alcohol

The origin of the alcohol gummy bears

Un grupo de estudiantes de la Universidad pensamos que sería guay mezclar las chuches de la infancia con el alcohol que tomamos de fiesta. Así, conseguimos reunir las buenas vibras de una buena fiesta en la forma de un osito de gominola. Lo que empezó como una broma ha ido muy lejos

Lo que no sabíamos es que todo esto se convertiría en una nueva forma de ver el mundo. Algunos haters (ejem, boomers) han tratado de detener toda esta movida pero no lo han conseguido. Estamos aquí para haceros entender que el mundo pertenece a las nuevas generaciones. 🌍🌈✨

What do gummy bears taste like?

There are 5 flavours to choose from

Each alcohol gummy bear has a special flavour. We know that it is very difficult to decide. We all like them, but if you want to know which suit each one is going for, keep reading!

🍓 + Gin: Rose 

The most refined of all is Rose, it tastes like strawberry gin. Don’t be cut off, with high self-esteem and perreo to the ground, enjoy a pink glass, either with friends at disco or at home. Soft and delicate but very sugary, dare to be the life of the party with her.

🍍 + Ron: Lilo 

Aloha! With a tropical rhythm we have Lilo, the sweetest little blue bear. It is the flavor of summer, a mixture of Caribbean rum with pineapple that takes us to the best festivals. Lilo is ohana, which in Hawaiian culture means family. It doesn’t matter which festival you go to, because Lilo is your best friend and there she goes with you.

🍊 + Vodka: Boris 

Simple but strong, Boris is the wildest and most joker of the bear, with a vodka and orange flavor. If you are one of those people who lasts all night, there is nothing that stops you and you love to continue until dawn, this is your bear.

🍋 + Tequila : Pinche

It is Latin and queer. You’ll love Pinche and her dry, tangy flavor of tequila and lemon. You like to put on makeup, drag yourself, you love yellow (and well, all colors), and dress in different ways depending on the type of party; In short: you think that variety is taste. All or nothing.

🥤 + Whiskey: Jack 

Pure and classic, Jack is often the favorite of DJs, easy and fast, flavored with whiskey and cola. He sometimes personifies an old fashioned style and he can seem very cold and with a lot of ego, but in reality he will accompany you faithfully whether you are in a brown or if you are in your most epic moment.

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